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"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

- Louis Sabin


Read the plan details here.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 28th at 6:15pm at the FCDPA Board meeting
WHERE: Elm Street Community Center/Recreation Office adjacent to the park
WHAT: A presentation explaining the details of the synthetic turf project for the large dog area


Some dog park users have submitted questions or concerns about the project. Here are those submissions and the answers:

CONCERN: Artificial grass has cancer causing agents.

FACTS: The synthetic turf being proposed meets all U.S. and California Environmental Health and Safety Department requirements. California has the strictest requirements in the country.

QUESTION: Does this project include “crumb rubber”?

ANSWER: Neither the turf nor the underlying in-fill materials contain “crumb rubber”.

CONCERN: Artificial grass will increase the urine smell.

FACTS: The synthetic turf is non absorbent. It has a porous design with a woven fabric underlay. There is a three-layer in-fill design underneath the turf which includes layers of coated sand, crushed rock and a geo-fabric layered on top of the soil. This design quickly wicks moisture down through the turf. A regular washing schedule will be instituted. An environmentally safe deodorizer may be needed occasionally depending on time of year and how many dogs use the park.

QUESTION: How will the turf be cleaned?

ANSWER: A hose and spray nozzle will be provided for “emergency” wash off needs such as diarrhea. The entire turf area will be washed with water each week or every-other week as needed. A quarterly “super cleaning” will take place.

CONCERN: We are in a drought. How does that align with the washing with water?

FACTS: The large dog area was originally natural grass just like the small dog area. It was watered daily. It still would be natural grass except that the large dog use killed the grass. Overall, there will be less water used than when this was part of Elm Street Park or when the original grass covered the large dog area.

QUESTION: Doesn’t synthetic turf get really hot?

ANSWER: Yes, synthetic turf can get hotter than natural grass or wood chips. This happens mostly on sunny hot days. The ambient temperature of the synthetic turf will average approximately 10 degrees higher than the adjacent ground.

QUESTION: Won’t large dogs tear up this turf and the edges?

ANSWER: This synthetic turf has an eight year warranty with an expected life of 15 years. It is designed for heavy use. The edges will be placed down with heavy duty adhesive AND nailed into place.

CONCERN: It will get really slippery when it gets wet.

FACTS: The porous design and underlying in-fill materials will help drain moisture quickly. The turf has a pile height of 1¾” and is a very soft and life-like material. It is unlikely that this will present any more slip concerns than natural grass does.

QUESTION: Will this cover the whole large dog area?

ANSWER: No. The synthetic turf area will be 30 feet by 180 feet located in the middle of the large dog park and will cover 30% of the total area. It will be surrounded by a five foot decomposed granite transition with wood chips beyond that. There will also be decomposed granite walkways installed from the entrance gates to the turf area, aiding accessibility.


This project is modeled after a dog park in Laguna Woods, California which installed 66,000 square feet of synthetic turf in their dog park in 2007. They report that the turf is in good condition with regular washing with only water and have had no issues of damage by normal use.

This project will be funded completely by the Five Cities Dog Park Association through fundraising. The completion of the turf area will provide a nicer experience for all users of the large dog area.


Our (and your) dog park is experiencing enormous success in terms of the number of people and pets who use it each and every day. That's a very good thing. People love the dog park and come on a regular basis. We have been successful in raising funds to purchase supplies and recently added an information kiosk and fixed an erosion and public safety problem to make the big dog park benches safer. We are also about to launch a major improvement project, changing the ground cover in the big dog park. We need your help to continue keeping and maintaining a quality community dog park. Five Cities Dog Park Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and to building more dog parks in the Five Cities area.

We need people to become:

  • Bark Rangers or to substitute for Bark Rangers who go on vacation or become ill. Bark rangers spend about an hour opening the park in the morning by emptying garbage cans, filling up Mutt Mitt containers, and such; and
  • Members of our board of directors. Board members work on management, fund-raising, and improvement projects for the park.

Please contribute your time and your ideas to your dog park.

To volunteer or for more information, you can contact the board in the following methods:

Phone: 805-613-PARK (7275)
Mail: P.O. Box 61, Pismo Beach, CA 93448

Become a Sponsor

One of the ways to support our dog park is to sponsor a bench. There is a new bench in the small dog park that does not yet have a sponsor. You can memorialize your dog's name, advertise your business or simply have your own name inscribed on a brass plaque that will be installed on the bench. Sponsorship of a bench is a donation of $1500.

To sponsor a bench, please either e-mail, phone 805-613-PARK (7275), or write P.O. Box 61, Pismo Beach, CA 93448

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