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"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

- Louis Sabin

Dear Dog Park Supporters:

After caring for the Elm Street Dog Park since May 2009, the Five Cities Dog Park Association (FCDPA) Board of Directors unanimously decided this week to end its relationship with the City of Arroyo Grande and the Elm Street Dog Park.

Without citing all the reasons as to why we came to this conclusion, I would like to note that the dog park renovation was one of them. The city staff asked the FCDPA to propose a new plan as well as help raise the additional $30,000 it would take to implement the revised project. We politely declined.

We feel that our decision opens an opportunity for another group of community-minded individuals to step up and take on this wonderful, rewarding project by creating a new organization to work with the city. The non-profit corporate structure and the “blueprint for success” could be easily established. The only thing missing is your volunteer effort.

It was a group of community-minded dog lovers who joined together about 10 years ago to form the Five Cities Dog Park Association with the goal of building several dog parks in our Five Cities area.

Two aspects of the association were particularly compelling to motivate this massive volunteer effort:

Bring dog owners a safe place for their dogs to play in and to socialize.

Create an economic boost for the local tourism-serving businesses by offering a pet friendly community in which to vacation.

In the ensuing months, volunteers mobilized to organize, fund-raise and execute a safe and dog friendly environment that has included pool parties, an obstacle course, and events that catered to dogs and allowed them a day of play and friendly competition with their families and other dog lovers!

We thank you for enjoying the Elm Street Dog Park and hope you will get involved in making its future even better.

Thank you,

Emma Valdivieso, President
Five Cities Dog Park Association

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