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Greetings The Five Cities Dog Park Association is an official non-profit organization, thanks to the folks at SLOPOST, the San Luis Obispo Parks Open Space & Trails Foundation ( The Five Cities Dog Park Association is committed to the development of a local off-leash park in the Five Cities area (Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Oceano).

The Association was formed to:

  • Create a safe, attractive, easily accessible fenced-in area where adults can come every day to socialize while their canine companions run off-leash.
  • Promote additional off-leash areas in neighborhood parks.
  • Educate the public of the health and safety benefits of off-leash areas.
  • Partner with the County of San Luis Obispo and with the Five Cities to encourage responsible dog ownership.

We are currently scouting suitable locations throughout the Five Cities area and have met with local government officials and introduced ourselves at local city council meetings.

People interested in helping with the effort can contact us to volunteer their time, expertise, or donate to our fund.

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